lauantai 4. kesäkuuta 2016

Sabrina Jeffries: Wed him before you bed him ja Beware a Scot's revence

Sabrina Jeffries kirjoittaa viihteellisiä kirjasarjoja joissa on yllin kyllin historiallista romantiikkaa, jopa siinä määrin että tekstin siirappisuus voi alkaa ällöttää. Mukana on kaikenlaisia yllätyksiä pitämässä yllä lukijan kiinnostusta, mutta henkilöhahmot ovat tusinatavaraa ja tarinan käänteet ovat tämän tyylilajin kirjallisuudesta liiankin tuttuja.

Wed him before you bed him (Pocket Books, 2009; ISBN 978-1-4165-6082-1)

At eighteen, Charlotte Page made a life-altering mistake. She wronged a man in an impulsive act that she came to deeply regret, though it led her to her present life as Mrs. Charlotte Harris, owner of Mrs. Harris’s School for Young Ladies. Unbeknownst to her, that man is now her anonymous benefactor, the mysterious “Cousin Michael.” His masquerade began as preparation for a devastating revenge, but became a labor of love. Now Charlotte desperately needs his help. Can he save her from disaster as his real self without revealing the ugly secret behind his charade? Or will the mistakes of both their pasts tear them apart forever?

Beware a Scot's revence (Pocket Books, 2007; ISBN 978-1-4165-1610-1)

Lady Venetia Campbell's visit to her childhood home in Scotland takes a dramatic turn when she's kidnapped at pistol point by her father's sworn enemy. Sir Lachlan Ross is widely feared in his guise as The Scottish Scourge, but Venetia remembers her former neighbor as a handsome youth whose attentions she craved. Now a wickedly sexy man, Lachlan's appeal is even more intoxicating...and much more dangerous. Though Lachlan tries to treat her as his foe, his scorching kisses tell another story. And despite his plan to use her as a weapon against her father, Venetia is determined that Lachlan's lust for revenge will be trumped by an even more powerful desire.

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