keskiviikko 7. joulukuuta 2016

Margaret Atwood ja Johnnie Christmas: Angel Catbird

Margaret Atwood on kirjoittanut ja Johnnie Christmas piirtänyt tämän tieteis- ja fantasiakirjallisuuden teemoja yhdistelevän sarjakuvakirjan: Angel Catbird (Dark Horse Books, 2016; ISBN 978-1-50670-063-2).

Kovakantisessa kirjassa oli sarjakuvaa yllättävän vähän, sillä iso osa sivumäärästä oli sarjakuvaan liittyvää muuta kuvitusta ja materiaalia. Melko lupaavalta sarjakuvan tarina vaikutti, tätä voisi lukea eteenpäinkin, huumoriakin on tarinassa mukana siinä määrin että tuntui kuin tekijät olisivat viihtyneet urakkansa parissa.

On a dark night, young genetic engineer Strig Feleedus is accidentally mutated by his own experiment when his DNA is merged with that of a cat and an owl.

tiistai 6. joulukuuta 2016

Julia Quinn: To catch an heiress ja How to marry a marquis

Julia Quinnin kirjasarjaan Agents of the Crown kuuluu kaksi romaania, jotka eivät liity toisiinsa muuten kuin tematiikan kautta, kummassakin kun on eräänlaista jännärimeininkiä, jota on sotkettu romanttisiin juonenkäänteisiin ja monenlaisiin väärinkäsityksiin niin että romaanin sivumäärä saadaan täyteen. Kevyttä helppolukuista höttöä.

To catch an heiress (Piatkus, 2008; ISBN 978-0-7499-0882-9)

When Caroline Trent is kidnapped by Blake Ravenscroft, she doesn’t even try to elude this dangerously handsome agent of the crown. After all, she’s been running from unwanted marriage proposals. Yes, Blake believes she’s a notorious spy named Carlotta De Leon, but for six weeks until her twenty-first birthday, when she’ll gain control of her own fortune, hiding out in the titillating company of a mysterious captor is awfully convenient—and maybe just a little romantic, too.

Blake Ravenscroft’s mission is to bring “Carlotta” to justice, not to fall in love. His heart has been hardened by years of intrigue, but this little temptress proves oddly disarming and thoroughly kissable. And suddenly the unthinkable becomes possible—that this mismatched couple might be destined for love.

How to marry a marquis (Piatkus, 2008; ISBN 978-0-7499-0880-5)

When Elizabeth Hotchkiss stumbles upon a copy of How to Marry a Marquis in her employer’s library, she’s convinced someone is playing a cruel joke. With three younger siblings to support, she knows she has to marry for money, but who might have guessed how desperate she’s become? A guidebook to seduction might be just the thing she needs—and what harm could there be in taking a little peek?

James Sidwell, the Marquis of Riverdale, has been summoned to rescue his aunt from a blackmailer, a task that requires him to pose as the new estate manager, and his primary suspect is his aunt’s companion, Elizabeth. Intrigued by the alluring young woman with the curious little rulebook, he gallantly offers to help her find a husband… by practicing her wiles on him. But when practice becomes all too perfect, James decides that there is only one rule worth following—that Elizabeth marry her marquis.

maanantai 5. joulukuuta 2016

Etgar Keret: Kneller's happy campers

Etgar Keretin pienoisromaani on eriskummallisimpia kaunokirjallisia teoksia mihin olen tarttunut: Kneller's happy campers (Chatto & Windus, 2009; englanniksi kääntänyt Miriam Shlesinger; ISBN 978-0-7011-8431-5).

Romaani kertoo itsemurhan tehneistä ihmisistä, jotka elävät jonkinlaista kuolemanjälkeistä elämää. Arkipäivän tapahtumat eivät juurikaan poikkea reaalimaailman touhuamisista, paitsi että kuoleman tuolla puolella tässä eletään. Päähenkilö Mordy saa tietää, että hänen entinen tyttöystävänsä on myös tappanut itsensä, ja lähtee etsimään tätä.

Kummallisuuksia riittää, jotenkin vinosti tässä kommentoidaan ihmiselämän rajallisuutta ja ihmisten outoja ajatuksia siitä mistä elämässä on kyse.

When Mordy, our hero, discovers that his girlfriend from his life before has also 'offed' herself, he sets out to find her, and so follows a strange adventure.

sunnuntai 4. joulukuuta 2016

Julia Quinn: Ten things I love about You ja What happens in London

Julia Quinn on kirjoittanut kymmenittäin historiallisia viihderomaaneja, ja monet teoksista muodostavat kirjasarjoja. Romaanien Ten things I love about You ja What happens in London taustana on muissa romaaneissa esiintyneiden sivuhahmojen tarinat, kirjailija kun halusi kertoa miten heille kävi. Omaperäisyydestä ei näitä romaaneja voi kiitellä, mutta jonkinlaista myötämielistä huumoria tarinoihin on punottu.

Ten things I love about You (Piatkus, 2010; ISBN 978-0-7499-4194-9)

Sebastian Grey is in limbo. He is the heir presumptive to the Earl of Newbury, unless the current earl, a widower, can find a bride who will bear him a son. Newbury is in his sixties and somewhat portly, but as an earl he's considered quite a catch. Sebastian, on the other hand, is twenty-nine and extremely handsome, but in no hurry to find a wife.

Annabel Winslow, a country girl through and through, has received an offer to go to London for the season. The eldest of a family of eight, she knows that a good marriage might be the only thing that will save her family from ruin. After a few weeks in town, Annabel attracts the attention of the Earl of Newbury. The thought of submitting to him makes her skin crawl, but she is practical and determined to do her duty. Even when Sebastian Grey comes on the scene.

What happens in London (Piatkus, 2009; ISBN 978-0-7499-4189-5)

Olivia Bevelstroke, the only daughter of the Earl of Rudland, is beautiful and has a sizeable dowry. Yet at the age of twenty-one she is still unmarried, causing people to whisper behind her back, 'What is she waiting for? A prince?' But Olivia isn't cold or stuck up, and neither is she a hopeless romantic. She's just waiting for something - or someone.

Sir Harry Valentine, a war veteran, is now back in London working in secret for the War Office and keeping an eye on his wayward younger brother. Rumour has it that he killed his fiancee, which intrigues Olivia. She thinks her new next-door neighbour looks the part, and even if he isn't a murderer, he's certainly up to something. Then a real-live Russian prince comes to town, sparking intrigue. He has his eye on Olivia, but so does Harry, who's been ordered to spy on the prince - and thus by extension, Olivia. But will what he finds out about her bring her closer to his heart?

lauantai 3. joulukuuta 2016

Stephanie Laurens: The lady's command, A buccaneer at heart ja The daredevil snared

Stephanie Laurensin kirjasarjassa The Adventurers Quartet on neljä osaa, jotka muodostavat jatkuvan tarinan, vaikka kukin romaani on erillinen romaani. Saman reseptin toistaminen neljä kertaa on aikamoisen puuduttavaa, vaikka mukana on eksotiikkaakin kuten vaeltamista Afrikan viidakkojen uumeniin. Jaksoin lukea sarjan kaksi ensimmäistä romaania, kolmas jäi kesken, enkä neljättä enää huolinut luettavaksi. Sinänsä helppolukuista viihdettä, mutta tehdastuotannon maku lyö läpi.

The lady's command (Harlequin MIRA, 2016; ISBN 978-1-848-45433-0)

How does marriage work? If convention is set aside and is no longer there to guide - what then? Stephanie Laurens' series, 'The Adventurers Quartet', offers a blend of Regency-era high seas adventure, a mystery shrouded in the heat of tropical jungles, and the passionate romances of four couples and their unexpected journeys into love.

A buccaneer at heart (Harlequin MIRA, 2016; ISBN 978-1-848-45450-7)

After a decade of captaining diplomatic voyages for Frobisher Shipping, alongside covert missions for the Crown, Captain Robert Frobisher decides that establishing a home-with hearth and wife-should be his next challenge. But an unexpected mission intervenes. Although Robert sees himself as a conservative businessman-cum-diplomat and this mission is far from his usual sphere, it nevertheless falls within the scope of his abilities. As matters are urgent, he agrees to depart for West Africa forthwith. To Robert, his way forward is clear: Get to Freetown, determine the location of a slavers' camp, return to London with the information, and then proceed to find himself a wife. Already in Freetown, Miss Aileen Hopkins is set on finding her younger brother Will, a naval lieutenant who has mysteriously disappeared.

The daredevil snared (MIRA, 2016; ISBN 978-1-848-45519-1)

Captain Caleb Frobisher, hedonistic youngest son of a seafaring dynasty, wants to be taken seriously. Seizing the next leg of the covert mission his brothers are pursuing, he acts decisively and effectively in securing the mission's objectives. But responsibility has taken root, and he remains in the jungle to ensure the mission's ultimate goal.

She will risk everything

Katherine Fortescue fled a life of poverty and came to Freetown as a governess, only to be kidnapped and forced to oversee the child workforce at a mine. Guarded by well-armed, well-trained mercenaries, the captives have lost all hope of escape. Then Katherine meets a handsome man—a captain—and he brings the sweet promise of rescue.

Together they will face the future

The sadistic mercenary who runs the mine has other plans, but Caleb's true strength lies in extracting advantage from adversity, and through the clashes that follow, he becomes the leader he was always destined to be. The sort of man Katherine can trust—with her body, with her life. With her love.