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Jennifer McQuiston: What happens in Scotland, Summer is for lovers ja Diary of an accidental wallflower

Helmetistä löytyy kolme Jennifer McQuistonin historiallista viihderomaania, mikä lienee jotakuinkin sopiva määrä, enemmästä tulisi paha yliannostus.

Sanottakoon kuitenkin, että romaanit eivät ihan niin tusinatavaraa olleet kuin teosten esittelyteksteistä voisi päätellä. Esimerkiksi romaanin Summer is for lovers teemana on uiminen, mikä harvemmin historiallisissa romaaneissa nousee teemana esiin, eikä ainakaan siinä mielessä että romaanin mestariuimari on nainen.

What happens in Scotland (Avon, 2013; ISBN 978-0-06-223129-1)

Jennifer McQuiston’s debut historical romance, What Happens in Scotland, is a lively, romantic adventure about a wedding that neither the bride or the groom remembers.

Lady Georgette Thorold has always been wary of marriage, so when she wakes up next to an attractive Scotsman with a wedding ring on her finger, it’s easy to understand why she panics and flees. Convinced that Georgette is a thief, her may-be husband, James McKenzie, searches for her. As both try to recall what happened that fateful night, they begin to realize that their attraction and desire for each other is undeniable. But is it enough?

Summer is for lovers (Avon, 2013; ISBN 978-0-06-223131-4)

His heart is unavailable. Luckily, her interest lies in the rest of him . . .

Though she was just a girl when they first met, Caroline Tolbertson's infatuation with David Cameron remains undimmed. Now fate has brought the handsome Scotsman back to Brighton for what promises to be an unforgettable summer. Soon, Caroline will have to choose a husband, but for now she is free to indulge her curiosity in things of a passionate nature.

That is, if David will agree to teach her.

Past mistakes have convinced David he'll make a terrible husband, though he'll gladly help the unconventional Caroline find a suitor. Unfortunately, she has something more scandalous in mind. As the contenders for her hand begin to line up, her future seems assured . . . provided David can do the honorable thing and let them have her.

When a spirited young woman is determined to break Society's rules, all a gentleman can do is lend a hand . . . or more.

Diary of an accidental wallflower (HarperCollins, 2015; ISBN 978-0-06-233502-9)

Pretty and popular, Miss Clare Westmore knows exactly what (or rather, who) she wants: the next Duke of Harrington. But when she twists her ankle on the eve of the Season's most touted event, Clare is left standing in the wallflower line watching her best friend dance away with her duke.

Dr. Daniel Merial is tempted to deliver more than a diagnosis to London's most unlikely wallflower, but he doesn't have time for distractions, even one so delectable. Besides, she's clearly got her sights on more promising prey. So why can't he stop thinking about her?

All Clare wants to do is return to the dance floor. But as her former friends try to knock her permanently out of place, she realizes with horror she is falling for her doctor instead of her duke. When her ankle finally heals and she faces her old life again, will she throw herself back into the game?

Or will her time in the wallflower line have given her a glimpse of who she was really meant to be?

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