lauantai 26. toukokuuta 2018

Nicole Jordan: Master of temptation

Nicole Jordanin historiallisessa viihderomaanissa on fantasiaa ja hömppää kerrassaan, mukaan lukien salainen järjestö joka taistelee hyvän puolella pahaa vastaan: Master of temptation (Ballantine Books, 2004; ISBN 978-0-8041-1981-8).

Teos aloittaa Paradise-kirjasarjan, mikä tarkoittaa että tätä touhua riittää luettavaksi enemmänkin. Jatkaisiko?

He is a brilliant military commander ... and every woman's temptation. When Max Leighton unexpectedly comes to her golden Mediterranean island, Caro Evers longs to heal his emotional battle scars. But during one glorious night in his arms, she discovers a sensual master whose mere touch drives her to wild abandon.

She is the bewitching angel he can't forget. Jaded by the glittering ballrooms of Regency London, Max returns to Cyrene to find the temptress who haunts his dreams ... only to learn that Caro leads a dangerous double life. She's a warrior as well as a healer -- a member of a secret society of protectors, sworn to fight evil and tyranny across Europe.

Afraid to lose her heart to Max again, Caro vows to conquer her fierce tenderness for him and thwart his campaign to win her. Then a perilous mission of adventure takes them far from Cyrene's sun-splashed shores, entwining their destinies and challenging their deepest desires.

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