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Jamie Farrell: Matched

Jamie Farrellin hömppäromaani löytyi Helmetin e-kirjoista, mutta ei löytynytkään enää siinä vaiheessa kun yritin muistella mistä kirja kertoikaan: Matched (2015; ISBN 978-1940517216).

Kirja on näköjään Misfit Brides -kirjasarjan toinen osa, mutta kuten sanottu, Helmetistä ei Jamie Farrellin teoksia enää löydy. Kirja kertoo menestyksekkäästä muusikosta ja nuoruuden sydänsuruista, jotka värittävät tarinaa monta kertaa kerrotulla tavalla. Itse asiassa koko romaanin tarinan voisi tiivistää yhteen sivuun.

Lindsey Castellano couldn’t ask for more. She’s the most successful divorce lawyer ever raised in Bliss. (Never mind that she’s the only one.) She’s her nephew’s favorite aunt. (For the moment, anyway.) And thanks to a little gift (or curse) from the universe, she’s an expert at avoiding love, commitment, and inevitable heartbreak. Or so she thought until the night of her sister’s wedding.

Will Truitt might’ve grown up living a country song—his momma died, his daddy went to prison, and his dog ran away—but as an adult, he’s been blessed by the country rock gods. Being Billy Brenton on stage isn’t an honor he takes lightly. He likes to give back what fame has given him, which is how he finds himself happily crashing a wedding in this quirky little bridal-obsessed town. The one thing he isn’t counting on, though, is colliding with the only girl he ever let himself love.

It’s been fifteen years since she shattered his heart. Then, she’d been a sorority girl on her way to the top, and he’d been a lowly janitor with a little bit of a dream. Now he’s on top of the world, and she’s the last person he should need or want.

But she’s the only person who has ever inspired his music. And he’s the only man she’s never been able to forget. Have the years made them wiser, stronger, and better able to love, or this time, will they simply crash and burn harder?

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