lauantai 14. heinäkuuta 2018

Victoria Alexander: The perfect mistress

Kirjastosta löytyy kaksi Victoria Alexanderin historiallista viihderomaania, ja nyt olen lukenut ne kummatkin: The perfect mistress (Zebra Books, 2011; ISBN 1-4201-1705-X).

Kirjassa on monenmoista juonittelua ja ihmissuhdesotkua, mutta pelin henki on selvä kirjan ensi sivuilta alkaen. Helppolukuista höttöä ilman sen kummemmin mieleen jäävää sisältöä.

Widowed Julia, Lady Winterset, has inherited a book--a very shocking book--that every gentleman in London seems to want. For a charismatic businessman, it's a chance to build an empire. For a dashing novelist, it could guarantee fame. But to a proud, domineering earl, it means everything.

Harrison Landingham, Earl of Mountdale, can't let the obstinate Julia release the shameless memoir that could ruin his family's name. But the only way to stop her may be equally sordid--if far more pleasurable. For his rivals are intent on seducing the captivating woman to acquire the book. And Harrison isn't the sort to back away from a competition with the stakes this high. Now the winner will claim both the scandalous memoirs and the heart of their lovely owner.

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