keskiviikko 11. heinäkuuta 2018

Nathan Archer: The complete predator omnibus

Nathan Archer on kirjoittanut predator-elokuvien ja sarjakuvien teemaa mukailevia romaaneja, joista kolme on paketoitu Helmetin e-kirjoista löytyvään teokseen: The complete predator omnibus (Titan Books, 2018; ISBN 9781785653438).

Luin romaaneista ensimmäisen, New Yorkiin sijoitetun teoksen, jossa metsästetään outoja otuksia, tai pikemminkin oudot otukset metsästävät ihmisiä. Ja hellettä tietysti piisaa.


New York City's Detective Schaefer has seen it all, from domestic murders to drug-gang executions. But Schaefer's never seen the Big Apple awash in so much blood as tonight, with flayed bodies hung like meat being cured for mealtime. When Schaefer has a close encounter with one of the murderers, he realizes he's run into something much bigger than the police suspect. Can even the toughest cop stand up to the ultimate hunter?


Something has fallen from the sky over the Siberian wilderness and soon decapitated human bodies are littering the surrounding area. The Russian authorities are baffled, but deep within the Pentagon, someone knows that the Predators are back.


Deep in the rugged New Mexico desert, a strange aircraft has landed: an alien Predator has arrived, hunting for human prey. For Corporal Enoch Nakai, a Navajo soldier, it is a legend come back to life: the return of the horned monster who was destroyed by the hero Nayenezgani, the mythical monster slayer. Using the wisdom of his ancestors, Nakai will confront the Predator in a final battle worthy of legend. But this time, will the hero emerge the victor?

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