tiistai 31. heinäkuuta 2018

Karen Hawkins: Caught by the Scot

Karen Hawkinsin historiallisessa viihderomaanisarjassa kolme veljestä pakotetaan naimisiin kolmessa kuukaudessa tai he menettävät perintönsä: Caught by the Scot (Headline Eternal, 2017; ISBN 978-1-4722-2908-3).

Kirjasarjan ensimmäisessä osassa on monenmoista hömppämäistä juonenkäännettä ja huumoriakin on pujahtanut mukaan.

When the dark Duke of Hamilton loses his beloved wife, he heeds her dying wish that he make certain her three brothers marry well for she fears they are all headed to ruin. Heartsick, the Duke approaches the task with a heavy hand, ordering the three brothers to marry within three months or forego their inheritance.

The middle brother, the dashing Conner Douglas, is not about to give up his independence, but he knows marriage doesn't always mean one must change, does it? If anything, being married to a pliable sort of female would give him even more opportunity to seduce the married women of the ton. So he heads straight for the most pliable female he knows - a childhood acquaintance and now mousy spinster, the English born and bred Miss Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe.

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