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Karen Hawkins: The prince and I

Karen Hawkinsin historialliseen viihderomaaniin on sotkettu vähän kaikkea, skoteista prinsseihin: The prince and I (Headline Eternal, 2015; ISBN 978-1-4722-2904-5).

Kirjan juonesta iso osa on päälleliimattua höttöä, mutta mukana on jonkin verran omaperäisyyttäkin, esimerkiksi naispuolinen "skottilainen Robin Hood".

Never cross a Scot. Never steal from a warrior prince. And never underestimate the power of passion.

Lady Murian MacDonald Muir seeks revenge against the evil earl who murdered her husband and stole his birthright. She and her band of loyal retainers waylay the earl's wealthy guests to gain entry to Rowallen Castle - a master-plan working splendidly until she stops the golden coach of Oxenburg's warrior prince.

Gregori Maksim Romanovin is in Scotland on a critical diplomatic mission. Held at swordpoint by a 'man' dubbed the Scottish Robin Hood the battle-savvy prince senses something's amiss. Furious at her escape, he vows to track down the red-haired vixen.

But once Max hears Murian's tragic story he resolves to assist her - and a fiery battle blazes. Soon Max must determine where his loyalties lie: to his royal duties, or the spirited woman who has stolen his heart.

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