keskiviikko 13. kesäkuuta 2018

Ruth Ann Nordin: The Accidental Mail Order Bride

Applen iBooks-palvelusta löytyy ilmaisnäytteitä, esimerkkinä Ruth Ann Nordinin teos jossa tunnelmoidaan naimakaupoilla villin lännen maisemissa: The Accidental Mail Order Bride (ISBN 9781310412929).

Tarinaan on ympätty eräänlainen rikostarinakin selvitettäväksi, jotta juonielementtejä olisi varmasti riittävästi. Samalta tekijältä on muitakin romaaneja, samalle paikkakkunnalle sijoitettuna. Tämä näyteannos riitti.

Eric Johnson’s real mail order bride shows up later than expected, and she quickly learns he is already married. Now Allie Jones is stuck in a small Colorado town with no way to leave. She must either marry the only suitable bachelor or risk being sold to the saloon’s owner to be one of the soiled doves. Seeing she has no real choice, she agrees to marry the bachelor.

Rumored as being a monster by the people in town, Travis Martin is content to live alone, sheltered in the wooded area of the mountainside. The last thing he expects is a preacher when there’s a knock on the door. With great hesitation, he agrees to the marriage. He can’t confine such a beautiful young lady to the saloon, but he knows the marriage won’t be a happy one for her, not when she could have had someone so much better.

So the best thing he can do is keep his distance and leave her alone. She, however, can't help but be intrigued by her new husband. Is he the ugly beast the people in town claim, or is there something beautiful worth loving just beneath the surface?

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