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Elizabeth Hoyt: To taste temptation

Elizabeth Hoytin historiallinen viihderomaani aloittaa kirjasarjan, jossa riittää kähmintää ja salaliittoja, sekä tietysti monipolvisia ihmissuhdekiemuroita: To taste temptation (Hachette Book Group, 2008; ISBN 9780446406918).

Romaani oli höttöinen, mutta ei ihan niin pahasti kuin alunperin kuvittelin. Kirjoittajalla on taitoa kuvata ihmisiä pintaa syvemmältäkin, vaikka sarjatuotannon makua olikin paketoitu mukaan reippaanlaisesti.

The ton loves nothing more than a good scandal, and they're giddy with the appearance of wealthy Samuel Hartley. Not only is he self-made, American, and in the habit of wearing moccasins, but he is also notorious for fleeing a battle in which several English gentlemen lost their lives.

What the ton doesn't know, though, is that Samuel is in London because of this massacre. He believes his regiment was given up to the enemy and won't rest until he finds the traitor.

Lady Emeline Gordon is captivated with Samuel. Not only does he defy convention with his unusual dress, his sensual smile, and his forthright manner, but he survived the battle that killed her beloved brother. Samuel suspects that the person responsible for her brother's death is Jasper Renshaw, Viscount Vale, a family friend since childhood - and Emeline's fiance.

Despite Emeline's belief in Vale's innocence and her refusal to break off her betrothal, she and Samuel begin a passionate affair. But can their relationship survive the fallout from Samuel's investigation?

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