perjantai 22. joulukuuta 2017

Malcolm Mackay: For those who know the ending

Malcolm Mackay tarjoaa kovaotteisen jännärin alamaailman sisäisistä kähminnöistä ja välienselvittelyistä: For those who know the ending (Pan Books, 2017).

MacKay osaa tiukkarytmisen kirjoittamisen, ja vaikka yksikään teoksen päähenkilöistä ei ole millään tavalla sympaattinen, jotenkin heidän kohtalonsa kuitenkin kiinnosti, vaikka likaisesta pelistä kyse onkin.

Usman Kassar is comfortable in his older brother's shadow, for now. Staying off the radars of the big players lets him plan big scores with little danger of detection. But dangerous jobs will get you noticed, whether you want them to or not.

Martin Sivok is a gunman without a target. An outsider in a new city who doesn't know how to make a fresh start. But when you desperately need doors to start opening, someone like Usman might just persuade you to pull at the wrong handle - like the one that opens a safe full of dirty money. Dirty money that the Jamieson organization, one of the most dangerous criminal outfits in town, wants back.

Any job can have brutal consequences when it threatens the reputation of Nate Colgan. Nate can't help being frightening; a man with darkness inside him. As the reluctant 'security consultant' for a fracturing criminal organization, he knows that unless he recovers the stolen money quickly, much more than his livelihood will be on the line. But if you've been forced into a job that you know could be your ending, how hard will you fight to keep it?

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