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Kathryn Smith: When seducing a duke, When marrying a scoundrel ja When tempting a rogue

Kathryn Smithin kolme historiallista viihderomaania muodostavat jonkinlaisen trilogian, tai yhtä hyvin voisi sanoa että sama tarina kerrotaan kolmeen kertaan. Kathryn Smithin lisäksi kirjailija on ilmeisesti käyttänyt nimimerkkejä Kady Cross ja Kate Cross. Teollisen tuotannon makua näissä romaaneissa on siinä määrin ettei lukeminen ole kovinkaan miellyttävää.

When seducing a duke (HarperCollins, 2009; ISBN 978-0-06-193917-4)

Rose Danvers charms her way into the glittering masked ball with only one man on her mind. She would risk certain scandal for a kiss from Greyden Kane, Duke of Ryeton - though she lusts for much, much more.

The ravishing woman in burgundy takes Grey's breath away. She reminds him of the sheltered beauty entrusted to his care, the only one who ever touched his icy heart. But Rose would never allow herself to be so indiscreet, so ruled by passion.

When marrying a scoundrel (HarperCollins, 2010; ISBN 978-0-06-199551-4)

Sadie Moon once thought she was in love. Then her dashing husband left her to seek his fortune, and she had no choice but to transform herself from a heartbroken waif into London Society's favorite fortune-teller. But even she could not have foreseen Jack's return - until their paths cross in the last place either would have expected: London's most exclusive house of pleasure.

Now wealthy and successful, Jack Friday has everything he'd ever dreamed of...except Sadie. He swears he will never trust the woman who broke her promise to wait for him, though his passion for her burns as hotly as ever before. But love, like the past, comes back to haunt them - drawing them into a web of intrigue and betrayal that could save or destroy them both.

When tempting a rogue (HarperCollins, 2011; ISBN 978-0-06-209172-7)

In the glittering ballroom of London's most exclusive gentleman's club no one is more powerful than its mysterious proprietress, Vienne La Rieux. A shrewd businesswoman, Vienne treasures her hard-won independence and has her eye on a prize that could make her England's richest woman ... until the only threat to her heart arrives, sending her controlled world into chaos.

Lord Trystan Kane is as familiar with success as he is with the exquisite Vienne. She's the lover he's never forgotten, and so, when an opportunity arises that would make them partners once again, he takes it.

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