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Elizabeth Thornton: You only love twice ja The pleasure trap

Helmetistä on saatavissa kaksi Elizabeth Thorntonin historiallista viihderomaania, kummatkin sijoittuvat 1800-luvun Englantiin. Thorntonin romaanien juonenkäänteet tarjoavat monenlaista yllätystä, mutta omaperäisyyttä teoksissa ei ole kuin nimeksi.

You only love twice (Bantam Books, 2011; ISBN 978-0-553-57426-5)

For three years she’s been a mystery even to herself—a young woman who awoke in a London convent bereft of her memory. But now Jessica Hayword knows her name, her birthplace, and one other thing: By some terrifying twist of fate, she has the power to read another’s thoughts—the thoughts of a man who has killed and will kill again.

Convinced that she must unmask the murderer before it’s too late, Jessica goes home to Hawkshill Manor—and discovers that no one is happy about her return, especially the dangerously handsome earl Lucas Wilde. What kind of girl was she, Jessica wonders, to have earned such scorn? And whose murder is it that continues to haunt her? The deeper Jessica digs, the more scandalous details are revealed. Yet even as the clues point to Lucas as the killer, Jessica can’t keep herself away from his embrace. And now all she can do is pray that the man she’s falling in love with isn’t the man whose deadly voice she hears in her dreams.

The pleasure trap (Bantam Dell, 2007; ISBN 978-0-553-58957-3)

After years of heroism in the fight against the French, Ash Denison wants nothing more than to savor the good life. But an urgent request has sent him to a writer's symposium. His charge: to unmask an author who has rattled several members of the town by revealing their most intimate, most scandalous secrets. Not one to be left out, when Ash encounters a bold, beautiful, irresistibly aloof woman writer, he can't help stirring up some gossip of his own.

Much to Eve Dearing's surprise, Ash is far from the well-mannered gentleman she's heard about. In fact, he's shockingly brash and has taken an inexplicable interest in manhandling her at every turn. Yet something about his searing embrace makes her forgive his wicked behavior--and succumb to his dangerous seduction. And when a fellow writer is brutally attacked and Eve becomes the killer's next target, Ash surprises her once more by vowing not only to keep her safe ... but to win her heart.

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