perjantai 9. joulukuuta 2016

Courtney Milan: What happened at midnight ja The lady always wins

Nämä kaksi Courtney Milanin pienoisromaania ovat kevyitä välipaloja, ja kummassakin rahalla (tai pikemminkin rahan puutteella) on iso rooli juonen kuljettamisessa. Erityisen omaperäiseksi tarinoita ei voi sanoa, vaikkakin yllätyksiä piisaa. Tarinoiden mieshahmot ovat melkolailla pliisuja, mutta naispäähenkilöissä sentään on kohtalaisesti potkua.

What happened at midnight (NLA Digital Liaison Platform LLC, 2013; ISBN 978-1-937248-12-3)

When John Mason discovers that his fiancee's father has embezzled thousands of pounds from their mutual business, he's furious. When his betrothed, Miss Mary Chartley, flees, taking the money and all the evidence with her, he's outraged. He plans to bring the woman he once loved to account -- and he'll shed no tears when he does. But when he finds Mary, she's not living a life of luxury. Instead, she's serving as a companion in exchange for a pittance. The more he attempts to untangle the truth, the more he remembers why he first loved Mary...and how much he wishes he could do so again.

The lady always wins (NLA Digital Liaison Platform LLC, 2013; ISBN 9781620510711)

Railway financier Simon Davenant has waited seven years for a second chance with his childhood sweetheart and best friend. He's not about to let his impending financial ruin destroy the opportunity. This time, he'll do anything he can to secure her hand in marriage -- even if it means losing her heart for good.

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