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Eloisa James: When beauty tamed the beast jne.

Eloisa Jamesin viihderomaanisarjassa viitataan satuihin, niin kaunottareen ja hirviöön kuin patjojen alla olevaan herneeseenkin. Romaaneissa on kevyttä huumoria, ja jonkin verran myös syvällisempää pohdintaa siitä mitä elämässä pitää tavoitella.

When beauty tamed the beast (Avon, 2011; ISBN 978-0-06-202127-4)

Miss Linnet Berry Thrynne is a Beauty ... Naturally, she's betrothed to a Beast.

Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant, lives in a castle in Wales where, it is rumored, his bad temper flays everyone he crosses. And rumor also has it that a wound has left the earl immune to the charms of any woman.

Linnet is not just any woman.

She is more than merely lovely: her wit and charm brought a prince to his knees. She estimates the earl will fall madly in love—in just two weeks.

Yet Linnet has no idea of the danger posed to her own heart by a man who may never love her in return.

If she decides to be very wicked indeed ... what price will she pay for taming his wild heart?

The duke is mine (Piatkus, 2012; ISBN 978-0-7499-5602-8)

Destiny will be decided between the sheets in this all-new tale of The Princess and the Pea.

For Olivia Lytton, betrothal to the Duke of Canterwick — hardly a Prince Charming — feels more like a curse than a happily-ever-after. At least his noble status will help her sister, Georgiana, secure an engagement with the brooding, handsome Tarquin, Duke of Sconce, a perfect match for her in every way ... every way but one. Tarquin has in love with Olivia.

Quin never puts passion before reason. And reason says that Georgiana is his ideal bride. But the sensual, fiery, strong-willed Olivia ignites an unknown longing in him — a desire they are both powerless to resist. When a scandalous affair begins, they risk losing everything — Olivia's engagement, her sister's friendship, and their own fragile love. Only one thing can save them — and it awaits in the bedroom, where a magnificent mattress holds life-changing answers to the greatest romantic riddle of all.

The ugly duchess (Piatkus, 2012; ISBN 978-0-7499-5672-1)

How can she dare to imagine he loves her... when all London calls her The Ugly Duchess?

Theodora Saxby is the last woman anyone expects the gorgeous James Ryburn, heir to the Duchy of Ashbrook, to marry. But after a romantic proposal before the prince himself, even practical Theo finds herself convinced of her soon-to-be duke's passion.

Still, the tabloids give the marriage six months.

Theo would have given it a lifetime... until she discovers that James desired not her heart, and certainly not her countenance, but her dowry. Society was shocked by their wedding; it's scandalized by their separation.

Now James faces the battle of his lifetime, convincing Theo that he loved the duckling who blossomed into the swan.

And Theo will quickly find that for a man with the soul of a pirate, All's Fair in Love — or War.

Once upon a tower (Piatkus, 2013; ISBN 978-0-7499-5946-3)

As an extremely wealthy laird, Gowan Stoughton, Duke of Kinross, can have any of the maidens at the ball he attends. The only problem is they are all English and Gowan is not so certain they are suitable. He is accustomed to the hard-working lasses from his Highlands, not these dainty noblewomen who spend their days drinking tea or some other such nonsense. But then he makes the acquaintance of Lady Edith Gilchrist. Utterly bewitched by the emerald-eyed beauty with lush golden locks, he knows he must have her.

"Edie" had the misfortune of being dreadfully ill at her debut ball and barely remembers what Gowan looks like. Even worse, she accepted his proposal the following day. Edie's only true passion is playing music—until Gowan writes a scandalous letter and stirs the most irresistible desire. Yet when they marry, Edie realizes her husband needs a lesson and locks herself in a tower. Somehow Gowan must find a way to enter the tower and convince his new bride that she belongs in his arms.

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