lauantai 7. huhtikuuta 2018

Karen Hawkins: Confessions of a scoundrel

Olin Karen Hawkinsin historiallisen viihderomaanin jo aiemmin kirjastosta lainannut, mutta tässä kirjan painoksessa olikin erilainen kansikuva: Confessions of a scoundrel (Avon books, 2003; ISBN 978-0-380-82080-1).

Teos on osa kirjasarjaa jossa perintönä saatu sormus kiertää veljesparvessa, ja legendan mukaan sormuksella on maagisia ominaisuuksia. Kirjalla ei kovin maagisia ominaisuuksia kuitenkaan ole, perusviihdettä tyypillisimmillään.

Legend says that whomever possesses the St. John talisman ring will find their one true love. Now that the ring rests in the pocket of renowned scoundrel Brandon St. John, the dashing rake must decide whether it is a blessing…or a curse.

Never has the irresistible rogue, Brandon St. John, pursued a woman with more fervor—but his ardent suit of Lady Verena Westforth has a different purpose. The delectable blond lovely is indeed enticing, but Brandon suspects her of hiding a valuable missive that he has sworn to recover. With a sensuous kiss and a passionate caress he intends to lower Verena’s guard… and then discover where she’s hidden “the goods.”

Without the missive, Verena stands to lose the one thing dearest to her heart. And now an extraordinary man has entered her life… at the worst possible time! Vulnerable though she may be, Verena vows she will not be just another of Brandon’s “conquests,” even as she aches to melt in his arms. But is he a needed friend or a foe in alluring disguise… and will she be able to prove to him that love is their true destiny?

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