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Anne Gracie: The autumn bride, The winter bride ja The summer bride

Anne Gracie tarjoaa hääaiheisia historiallisia viihderomaaneja joissa toisiaan sisaruksiksi kutsuvat naiset liittoutuvat keskenään pärjätäkseen elämässä. Monenmoista juonenkäännettä on punottu kuhunkin romaaniin, mutta mitenkään omaperäisiksi tai syvällisiksi teoksia ei voi väittää. Sarjassa on ilmestynyt neljäskin teos, mutta kolmekin jo riitti kertomaan mistä romaaneissa on kyse.

The autumn bride (Penguin, 2013; ISBN 9780425259252)

Abigail Chantry sprints across London rooftops and into the window of an abandoned mansion in search of something to sell in order to save her sister and friends from a life on the streets. What she doesn't expect is to be greeted by an elderly lady... and being taken in by the woman. But Lady Beatrice Davenham needs support, and becoming Lady Beatrice's nieces improves things remarkably for Abby and her 'sisters'.

The winter bride (Berkley Sensation, 2014; ISBN 9780425259269)

Marriage-phobic Damaris Chance finds herself trapped in a compromising situation with the handsome rake Freddy Monkton-Coombes, she has no choice but to agree to wed him.

The summer bride (Berkley Sensation, 2016; ISBN 978-0-4252-8380-6)

Fiercely independent Daisy Chance has a dream and it doesn't involve marriage or babies (or being under any man's thumb). Raised in poverty, she has a passion and a talent for making beautiful clothes. Daisy aims to become the finest dressmaker in London.

Dashing Irishman Patrick Flynn is wealthy and ambitious, and has entered society to find an aristocratic bride. Instead, he finds himself growing increasingly attracted to the headstrong, clever and outspoken Daisy. She's wrong in every way except the way she sets his heart racing.

However, when Flynn proposes marriage, Daisy refuses. She won't give up her hard-won independence. Besides, she doesn't want to join the fine ladies of society - she wants to dress them. She might, however, consider becoming Flynn's secret mistress. But Flynn wants a wife, not a mistress, and when Flynn sets his heart on something, nothing can stand in his way.

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