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Tracy Anne Warren: His favourite mistress

Tracy Anne Warrenin viihteellinen Mistress-romaanitrilogia päättyy teokseen His favourite mistress (Rouge Regency, 2012; ISBN 978-0-091-95026-2).

Viihteellisyydestä ei kirjassa ole tingitty tippaakaan, ja päähenkilöt ovat karikatyyrimaisia, mutta toisaalta muutamassa kohdassa kirjailijalla on salavireistä huumoriakin pelissä.

Vivacious Gabriella St George is penniless yet proud. Thanks to the benevolence of a generous relative, she gets a chance for a new life in London, never dreaming that it will entangle her in a sensual battle of wills with an irresistible rogue who doesn't believe in love. With one scorching caress, Anthony Black invites Gabriella to share his bed. But she wants his heart and his name, so the determined beauty embarks on a daring game of seduction to win both.

Firmly committed to the pleasures of bachelorhood, Tony Black, Duke of Wyvern, has no intention of offering to any woman more than shared moments of erotic delight. But Gabriella tests his mettle, undermines his resolve, and cracks the ice around his heart with each sweet smile, teasing glance, and rapturous kiss. Suddenly a man who relishes only carnal pleasures must confront the unexpected: a passion that may lead to everlasting love.

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