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Meredith Duran: That scandalous summer, Lady be good ja Luck be a lady

Meredith Duranin kirjasarja "Rules for the reckless" on malliesimerkki historiallisesta viihdekirjallisuudesta, jossa pinnan alta ei tunnu löytyvän mitään kovin syvällistä, ja se lienee tarkoituskin. Helppolukuisia rakkausromaaneja, joissa lähestulkoon kaikki on ennalta-arvattavaa. Toisaalta teksti ei kauheasti takkuile, eli lukija saa mitä luultavasti odottaakin.

That scandalous summer (Pocket Books, 2013; ISBN 978-1-4516-0696-6)

In the social whirl of Regency England, Elizabeth Chudderley is at the top of every guest list, the life of every party, and the belle of every ball. But her friends and admirers would be stunned to know the truth: that the merriest widow in London is also the loneliest. Behind the gaiety and smiles lies a secret longing--for something, or someone, to whisk her away.... Raised in scandal, Lord Michael de Grey is convinced that love is a losing gamble--and seduction the only game worth playing. But when duty threatens to trump everything he desires, the only way out is marriage to a woman of his brother's choosing. Elizabeth Chudderley is delightful, delicious--and distressingly attractive. With such a captivating opponent, Michael isn't quite sure who is winning the game. How can such passionate players negotiate a marriage of necessity--when their hearts have needs of their own?

Lady be good (Headline Eternal, 2015; ISBN 978-1-4722-2234-3)

Born to a family of infamous criminals, Lilah Marshall has left behind her past and made herself into the perfect lady. Working as a hostess at Everleigh's, London's premier auction house, she leads a life full of art, culture, and virtue. All her dreams are within reach - until a gorgeous and enigmatic viscount catches her in the act of one last, very reluctant theft

Luck be a lady (Headline Eternal, 2015; ISBN 978-1-4722-2236-7)

They call her the 'Ice Queen'. Catherine Everleigh is London's loveliest heiress, but a bitter lesson in heartbreak has taught her to keep to herself. All she wants is her birthright - the auction house that was stolen from her. To win this war, she'll need a powerful ally. Who better than infamous and merciless crime lord Nicholas O'Shea? A marriage of convenience will no doubt serve them both.

Having conquered the city's underworld, Nick seeks a new challenge. Marrying Catherine will give him the appearance of legitimacy - and access to her world of the law-abiding elite. No one needs to know he's coveted Catherine for a year now - their arrangement is strictly business, free from the troubling weaknesses of love. Seduction, however, is a different matter - an enticing game he means to ensure she enjoys, whether she wishes to or not.

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