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Debra Salonen: Betting on Grace

Helmetin e-kirjoista löytynyt viihderomaani tuli lainatuksi kirjailijan Suomeen viittaavan sukunimen takia, mutta muutamaan sivuun jäi Debra Salosen kirjan lukeminen: Betting on Grace (Silhouette, 2012; ISBN 978-1-4592-3145-0).

Kirjaan on punottu monenmoista juonimista, mutta henkilöhahmoissa ei ole juurikaan syvyyttä, mikä sai lukuinnon katkeamaan alkuunsa.

The prophecy: You will marry a prince--but you will have to save him first.

Las Vegas restaurateur Grace Radonovic is more than a little surprised when her late father's friend proposes marriage. Wanting to be true to her father's memory and burdened by the weight of her close but overbearing Gypsy family, she accepts.

Who is she to turn her back on the dynasty?

But the shady lawyer-turned-casino owner is more wild card than king of hearts. And he's more attracted to Grace's dowry to help pay off his blackmailer than the curvy brunette herself. Even the Radonovic matriarch feels something is amiss. So when long-lost cousin Nikolai Sarna visits the Gypsy compound, Grace can't help but wonder if he's actually her destiny. But there's something Nick isn't telling her. A secret that could land Grace in unexpected danger.

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