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Stephanie Laurens: The masterful Mr Montague jne.

Stephanie Laurensin historiallisissa rakkausromaaneissa on käänteitä kerrakseen. Aikakauden ilmiöt ja luokkayhteiskunnan rakenteet ovat kirjailijalla hyvin hallussa, vaikka joskus tuntuukin että teoksiin on paketoitu ylenmäärin väärinkäsityksiä ja muita esteitä rakastavaisten onnen tiellä.

The masterful Mr Montague (Piatkus, 2014; ISBN 978-0-7499-5876-3)

Montague has devoted his life to managing the wealth of London's elite, but at a huge cost: a family of his own. Then the enticing Miss Violet Matcham seeks his help, and in the puzzle she presents him, he finds an intriguing new challenge professionally ... and personally. Violet, devoted lady-companion to the aging Lady Halstead, turns to Montague to reassure her ladyship that her affairs are in order. But the famous Montague is not at all what she'd expected - this man is compelling, decisive, supportive, and strong - everything Violet needs in a champion, a position to which Montague rapidly lays claim. But then Lady Halstead is murdered and Violet and Montague, aided by Barnaby Adair, Inspector Stokes, Penelope, and Griselda, race to expose a cunning and cold-blooded killer...who stalks closer and closer. Will Montague and Violet learn the shocking truth too late to seize their chance at enduring love?

And then she fell (Piatkus, 2013; ISBN 978-0-7499-5874-9)

London’s Henrietta Cynster, known as “The Matchbreaker” has a special talent for making sure that bad marriages never happen. After breaking up one ill-suited couple, Henrietta is obligated to find the perfect bride for the debonair James Glossup.

The assignment proves to be a challenging one for the single-minded Henrietta, who believes that finding love isn’t in her own stars. But Henrietta discovers—in spite of her personal denials of love—that both she and James are indisputably drawn to each other.

A gentleman's honor (Avon, 2009; ISBN 978-0-06-000207-7)

The Season has yet to begin, and the second member of the Bastion Club, tall, handsome Anthony Blake, Viscount Torrington, is already a target for every matchmaking mama in London. None of their flighty daughters can fix his interest, but a certain lady does.

Alicia is living a deception. Desperation has caused the determined but penniless lady to boldly launch her ravishing younger sister into the ton and have her make a spectacular match. By masquerading as the widowed "Mrs. Carrington" Alicia can act as the perfect chaperone…but fashionable ladies are not accused of murder.

When Tony Blake discovers Alicia standing over a dead body in his godmother’s garden, every instinct tells him she is innocent. His connections allow him to take control of the investigation, his social prominence provides her public support, but it is more than honor that compels him to protect her and to do everything in his seductive power to make her his.

The brazen bride (Avon, 2010; ISBN 978-0-06-179517-6)

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